Rhetorical Analysis

Meherun Mim
FIQWS – Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis is the process of analyzing a piece of writing to find its author’s purpose. Every piece of writing has a specific message directed to a group of audience. In fact, the main 3 element of a rhetorical analysis are the speaker/writer, message, and the audience. Rhetorical analysis allows in depth analysis of the text by figuring out who is the writer or speaker and their background, the message they are trying to spread, and who are the audience that the writer is sending the message to. These 3 elements helps the reader learn more about the significance of the text as a whole more than any specific part of the text. Thus, through rhetorical analysis the reader is able find a deeper connotation of the text rather than what’s simply written.

Throughout the course of this semester, I was able to analyze 2 pieces of texts. Firstly,​ A One-Bedroom Becomes Two in a “Traditional Glam” Manhattan​; By: Minette Hand, is an article from Apartment Therapy which is focused on the interior decorations of tight apartment spaces. This specific article focuses on making a one bedroom apartment into a two bedroom apartment house while keeping the most attractive and traditional appearance. Additionally, the text that I analyzed this semester is Iggy Peck, Architect. This text is a children’s book focusing on the passions and dreams of young children which can become reality if given the correct opportunity. This book is a great way for children to learn and accept everyone in the world no matter how different they are. Thus, both of these texts are significant to our course since focusing on the value of space and the architecture of the built environment was the initial priority.

This article from Apartment Therapy, ​A One-Bedroom Becomes Two in a “Traditional Glam” Manhattan;​ By: Minette Hand is about Chelsey and her decorated apartment uses sequence to express the significance of self-satisfaction. The author describes Chelsey as multi-tasker where she works as an editor and an interior designer in her free times. The author describes Chelsey’s effort of putting together the décor of the entire apartment which took almost a year to complete. Chelsey’s love for neutral colors are significantly expressed throughout every single decorating piece she has in her apartment. Also, living with a roommate in a one bedroom apartment and bringing in bunk-bed to destroy the look of her apartment wasn’t something Chelsey was going for since the author clearly states Chelsey’s love and obsession for furniture and home décor.

Turning a one-bedroom apartment space into 2 rooms using temporary faux walls were one of the most creative way Chelsey decorated her home. Even though her busy schedule and tight budget allows a very tight space for living, Chelsey was able to put together the decorative furniture based on the color schemes over the course of a year. Chelsey expresses her love toward the amazing accommodating environment she built where her friends love to spend time while she loves to host them. Therefore, the importance of self-satisfaction is very impactful while decorating tight Apartment spaces and achieving an elegant look.

Furthermore, ​Iggy Peck, Architect ​is a children’s book focused on the unbiased mindset of young children. This book uses different techniques to appeal to the reader such as using rhyming words consistently and using plenty of pictures to illustrate the significant details. Iggy Peck, Architect explains the passion and dreams of a young child, Iggy Peck, since he was 2 years old. As Iggy always loved to build and draw different architectural designs, his parents and his pre-school teachers always neglected and degraded his talents. However, at the end the creative thoughts and weird talents of little Iggy was able to save everyone when he built the bridge and let everyone free. Through this text, the narrator/speaker target young children like Iggy who has creative talents at young ages but are often doubted and demeaned.

The narrator of ​Iggy Peck, Architect​ is an influencer to young children. Pre-school and elementary school are the most crucial stage of one’s development which impacts their thoughts and behavior the entire life. This children’s book allow its audiences, young children, to embrace their talents and keep their dreams alive. Having faith could be the only way for young dreams to become the big reality. Therefore, this message impacts not only children’s mindset but also can teach elders who are doubtful towards their passions and dreams.

This task of analyzing the texts in depth was a great way to understand the true meaning of the article and the book. Rhetorical analysis is a simpler way to find more complex details. It allows the reader to figure out the purpose of any text easily as the 3 elements of rhetorical analysis is present in all types of writing. Being aware of who is the author and their background allow their audiences to understand the message of the text better. The purpose behind the piece of writing becomes much more clear once the reader understands which type of audience the text is targeted to. Therefore, analyzing 2 different types of texts and connecting them gives a better understanding of the texts and the concept of Rhetorical Analysis.

All in all, rhetorical analysis focuses on the main 3 elements of speaker/writer, the message and the audiences. These 3 elements are exclusively presented in every pieces of text which allows the reader to get a better understanding of the text. These elements allows the reader to not only learn about the speaker’s background but also the purpose of the writing. The article from apartment therapy is directed to the people who newly moves into tight apartment spaces and struggles with decorating their houses. Meanwhile the Iggy Peck, Architect children’s book targeted to young children who have talents and desires to do something but are often doubted. Therefore, through the course of this task, it was a great way to learn about the texts and their purposes.